The Long Dark Road | Logo

It is here! The Long Dark Road's debut EP was released earlier this week. They are a Guelph based band that play 'blackened punk', and the album is everything that you would hope that would be. 
If you are near Guelph, the album release is happening on April 14th at Silence, so get there, listen to some music, and pick up a copy of their vinyl! But if you are not, you can check them out on Bandcamp

THE CONCEPTS: Started working on ideas for the logo in late 2015. We were aiming for something minimal and architectural with high contrast. We came up with a bunch of concepts, with one standout favourite and a few others that have also been used. 

The album is awesome, like, really awesome. If you don't believe me, read through some of these: Huffington Post, Audible Addixion, Independent Music News, Magic Monster Records, Shred Shack, Rocker Era Magazine, Spill MagazineMiddle Tennessee Music