Lisbon | Adventure

This is where the adventure began. Flying from Toronto to Barcelona, I had a five hour layover in Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal has always been a place that I didn't really have much interest in, but that very quickly changed. I fell hard and fast. From the airport, I hopped on a bus that took me to Rossio Square. Through the bus windows, I was instantly enchanted by the weather worn monuments and ornate pastel facades of buildings that had been left to ruin. I wandered the cobblestone streets inlayed with scrolling patterns down to the water, then up the winding side streets and staircase after staircase hoping for a look at Castelo de São Jorge. Sadly, Time ran out before I found it, and I had to turn around and make my way back to the airport. Those first few hours of the three week trip that followed were definitely a highlight, and I have a feeling that I will be back in Lisbon before too long. 

Lauren KenneyComment